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Chilah Weller: Hello, my name is Chilah Weller, and this is my business partner Eric Jones.
Eric Jones: Hey everyone.
Chilah Weller: We’re two of the owners of Workforce PayHub, a leading human capital management company located in Adrian, Michigan. We offer a wide variety of solutions within the platform, but in order to appreciate our passion of helping businesses maintain and engage their workforce, you should first understand our roots and how we came to own this business.
Chilah Weller: Eric is going to talk a little bit about how we got started.
Eric Jones: Thanks, Chilah. Chilah and I set out to start our own bookkeeping and tax practice in the summer of 2010 with two goals in mind. Create a company where employees felt like family, and create a business built on faith-based values and principles. With that in mind, we reconnected with our college professor Donna to discuss her new venture, who happened to own a Michigan payroll service bureau. Through much discussion, we joined forces and bought into Workforce PayHub in the summer of 2014. We were excited about the software back in 2014 due to its robust technology offering that Chilah will go into details about.
Chilah Weller: Thank you for the background, Eric.
Eric Jones: You’re more than welcome.
Chilah Weller: Yes, our platform is a cloud-based solution offering a specialized approach to the way you manage your employees. Our number one goal is to assist companies to solve problems. Whether it be in the form of streamlining your Adwording process, collecting time punches efficiently and properly costing overhead by departments, or cutting your payroll process time in half. Maybe it’s creating a performance review online that allows you to engage and retain talent by offering a 360-degree review approach.
Eric Jones: If you are looking for a better way to serve your employees by creating an interactive experience that puts the employee in the driver’s seat, please reach out to us for a discovery discussion. Our goal is to create a long-standing trusted partnership where we help you better serve and manage your workforce through trusted technology.
Chilah Weller: We look forward to working with you in the future.
Eric Jones: Contact us at 517-759-4026, or at
Chilah Weller: You can also contact us through our website at
Eric Jones: Thank you.
Chilah Weller: Thank you.
Eric Jones: I love it.
Chilah Weller: All right.
Eric Jones: Let’s take it.
Chilah Weller:

Well, I want to see it, though. Like, I need to see it

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