While our core system is on the cutting-edge of technology, we want to ensure that you are getting all of the tools that you need to effectively and efficiently manage your workforce.  We have partnered with other cutting-edge service providers to bring you background checks, ACA compliance, a robust human resource database and a plethora of additional resources.

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Are you required to follow the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA)? If so you need to be sure you're capturing which employees are eligible for which type of leave. Our Leave Management Solution automates this process &  ensures compliance.

Recruitment & Talent Acquisition icon
This downloadable PDF provides a datasheet for our web-based Talent Acquisition Solution Guide, helping you effectively source, track, and evaluate talent to build an highly engaged, knowledgable and highly skilled workforce
ACA management icon

We know you are concerned with tracking your workforce to ensure you are not out of compliance. With our ACA Manager plug-in; you will stay on top to make sure you are offering affordable healthcare options to your employees who qualify.

KnowledgePass icon

We provide all of the training materials you will need to get management and employee buy-in with your new system. KnowledgePass is a suite of ‘How-To’ videos and documents that show you how to do every task the system is capable of.

Poster Program icon

Federal & State laws require the posting of certain information for employee review. Stay compliant with  our Poster update program. We provide a new laminated poster and provide updates throughout the year.

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Sure, you have the I-9 completed but did you actually make sure they are eligible to work in the US? With our E-Verify service we help you stay compliant with a direct connection to the USCIS website.

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