Why choose our services?

We are your local service provider that takes the time to know you and understand your business. We help to make incremental changes that increase your bottom line and make your life easier. We care about our relationship with you!

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Check out our fully outsourced and online payroll solutions! We do the tax filing and you focus on what you do best!

Time & Labor Management

Whether you want to gather punches from a mobile device, computer or time clocks the information gathering is streamlined. Time off approval is made easy and manager’s can use the dot board to see who is in today.

Human Resources Information Systems

Our integrated HR suite of services will be sure to enhance and complement your processes. It will increase productivity and efficiencies.

We are your single source to help you to manage your workforce.

  • Increased Productivity

    Office or plant managers can see exactly which of their employees are working today. Whether they have a schedule setup or not. They can also see what task they are working on thanks to our robust cost center classifications.

  • Accurate Data

    We provide detailed audit reports that allows you to track employee account changes. Our payroll recap and funding report also lets you see how today’s payroll compared to last week’s. Giving you a heads up to any surprises.

  • Cloud Based Access

    With our flexible data collection options; you no longer need to sit in your office to process payroll. This free’s up more time for your personal life.