Long-term care facilities are a rapidly growing industry, with the demand projected to increase for several decades. This is due to an aging population, longer lifespans, and a generally healthier population. Long-term care is a collection of services that provide support and assistance to people with health and personal care needs. These services are designed to maintain the care and dignity of individuals who are no longer able to perform key daily tasks on their own.

Facilities usually take the form of residential or community sites that provide ongoing or day services, respectively. These sites include assisted-living facilities and nursing homes. The facilities offer a range of services such as housing, housekeeping, meals, social and recreational activities, and medical care.

One of the unique challenges of staffing at long-term care facilities is that hiring and retaining staff has become increasingly difficult, as is the case in many healthcare settings. In addition, the staff often work in challenging conditions and care for patients with complex health and care needs.

Industry-Specific Challenges

For HR administrators, there are many challenges regarding human resources and payroll for long-term care facilities. Among the key long-term care payroll challenges are:

  • Burnout: Many employees leave due to becoming burned out due to the workload and patient demands. This leads to higher turnover rates and frequent hiring and rehiring

  • Employee Retention: Retaining employees and having higher rates of employee engagement can be complex. Retaining employees means having strong employee support services and benefits

  • Training and Development: Long-term care facilities need to train and develop unique employee skills related to personal and medical care

  • Compliance: Long-term care facilities need to comply with key federal, state, and local mandates related to patient record-keeping and privacy, overtime, and prevailing wage rates

  • Payroll Management: Time tracking and payroll management is critical with many hourly employees and shifts that run 24/7

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Streamlining Payroll Processing for Long Term Care Facilities


Tailored Payroll Solutions

With needs for accuracy, privacy, and retention at the forefront, operations professionals need strong healthcare payroll solutions.

Your long-term care facility needs a solution that’s designed to meet the unique needs of your industry, with a customized payroll system that delivers critical features that address your most urgent issues.

Services Offered

Workforce PayHub offers customized solutions for payroll processing, time and attendance and HR services designed to meet the needs of today’s long-term care facilities.

Custom Payroll Processing

Our solutions are designed to address the varied types of staff within the long-term care industry. They provide accurate and timely payments that adhere to industry-specific regulations. You can deploy our solution whether you process your own payroll or outsource payroll management to a third party.

Time and Attendance

Our solution empowers your employees to drive time and attendance management, with clocking in and out, scheduling, and time-off request functions that can be accessed from a computer, smartphone, or physical time clock.

HR Services

Focused on the unique needs of the sector, including compliance guidance, training, and certification management.


Benefits of a Specialized Payroll Provider

Why use a specialized payroll solution at your long-term care facility? Consider the following benefits:

  • Compliance Efficiency: With Workforce PayHub as your trusted partner, payroll compliance in healthcare is simplified. Ensure compliance with all federal, state, and local mandates related to overtime, wages, and patient records.
  • Scalability: Workforce PayHub grows as your business grows, with cloud-based services that can scale as your business grows due to expansion, acquisition, or merger.
  • Integrated Benefits Management: Manage health insurance, retirement plans, and other benefits within the payroll system to simplify deductions and contributions.
  • Time-Tracking: Digital tools and apps allow for efficient time tracking and accurate payroll processing.
  • Time-Saving: With a single source for your HR management, you’ll save time and drive efficiency with an integrated tool that addresses all your critical HR needs.
  • Improved Workforce Management. Workforce PayHub seamlessly connects your employees to one system to manage their HR needs. Build trust and connection across your workforce with a proven solution designed to provide better workplace experiences.


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Choosing the right payroll partner is an important decision. Workforce PayHub offers the experience, support, and knowledge to build and deliver a customized solution for your long-term care facility.

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