Time Clock

Our Time & Labor Management solutions allow employees to be in the driver seat of their clocking in/out, scheduling and time off management.  Employees are able to clock in at a computer, using their smart phone or use one of our physical time clocks to keep track of their work time.

Also, employees can request time off on their phones or on a computer and those requests can be routed to their manager for approval.  We can even limit time off requests on days that too many employees have already requested off, or you can select days of the week which are never able to be requested off.

Our physical time clocks sync nicely with our web-based solution and can stop the expensive cost of buddy-punching.  Our time clock can use bio-metric finger prints or hand prints, credit card style proximity badges or bar codes.  We have a clock that works for every company in every situation.

Time & Labor Cut Sheet

Our TLM Mid-Market Edition (MME) software is cutting edge and allows for multiple methods of input; smart phone, web & time clock. Your employees can check their PTO balances and request time off right from their phone!

TLM MME Cut Sheet

Hardware List

Check out our list of compatible time clocks. We offer biometric, proximity/barcode/magnetic stripe cards and hand mapping. If you are currently using a time clock; give us the model number and we will see if we can get it to work!

Hardware Cut Sheet
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