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Our Time & Labor Management solutions allow employees to be in the driver seat of their own management - clocking in / out, scheduling, and time off management.  Employees are able to clock in at a computer, using their smart phone. or use one of our physical time clocks to keep track of their work time.

Employees can also manage their time off by requesting vacation or other types of time off right from their phones or on a computer. These requests can be routed right to their manager for approval.  You can even limit time off requests on days that too many employees have already requested off, or you can select black out periods, which are never able to be requested off.

Our physical time clocks sync nicely with our web-based solution and can stop the expensive cost of buddy-punching.  Our biometric time clocks can be used to identify fingerprints or handprints. While credit card style proximity or bar code badges can be leveraged as well. 

We have data collection devices that work for any company in every type of situation.

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Our TLM Mid-Market Edition (MME) software is cutting edge and allows for multiple methods of input; smart phone, web & time clock. Your employees can check their PTO balances and request time off right from their phone! Find out more by downloading the timekeeping solution guide!
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