Connecting With People Is Your Business, It's Ours Too

We value personal relationships with our clients, vendors, referral partners and wholesalers. It doesn't matter if you are coming to us from an accounting office, insurance/benefits broker or a human resource consultant we treat you and your clients like family.

Accounting/CPA Firms

Have you considered outsourcing your payroll clients to a trusted 3rd party?  Wish you could go on an extended vacation but are concerned with timely tax deposits?  Maybe it’s time to give Workforce PayHub a call and see how we can work with you and your team to allow you to focus on more revenue focused areas of the business.  We give you 1 login so that you can view all of your clients.  You can either still process the payroll for the client or train them how to do it themselves!  Either way, the tax team at Workforce PayHub will make sure all payments are filed timely and the direct deposits are deposited on time.

Insurance Brokers

Is your enrollment technology stuck in the Middle Ages? Let us show you how you can increase client profitability by allowing for an open enrollment solution that employees will love. We can even communicate directly to carriers!

Business Consultants

If you are working with business clients and you want to increase your stickiness with them, then you need to be ingrained in helping them manage their workforce. We can allow you to assist with financial projection on the payroll side to revamping employee engagement with our HRIS solutions.

Human Resource Consultants

Are you a HR firm that wants to partner with a technology company to offer an HRIS or payroll solution? We have the ability to white-label our product so you are front and center with your clients.

Increased Revenue Stream

We have multiple options to help you increase profitably with clients. We can let you wholesale our product at deeply discounted rates and you can charge your clients whatever you want. The best news is that they are still your client! Another option would be we would acquire your clients and give you a revenue stream back. Have something else in mind? Give us a call and let’s make it work!

Partner With Workforce Payhub

How Does This All Work?

You Process For Your Clients At A Wholesale Rate

You are the front-facing contact for your clients, you/your clients' process the payroll using our online system and submit the payroll to us. We then finalize the payroll, process the bank files, print the checks (if needed) and we provide support to you for any questions that come up that you cannot answer. We give you deeply discounted pricing on all of our services so that you can then charge market-price and make money for your efforts.

You simply refer your client base to us and we handle all aspects of the processing

We will process payroll and provide support, the client will know who we are and can contact us whenever they need. In this model we charge the client our normal market price for payroll and we give you a percentage back. You will still have a login for all of your clients, but you do not need to worry about processing or handling support!

The partnership we create with you is trusted and loyal

Contact us so we can take a deep dive into your client’s specific industry and pain points. The partnership we create with you is trusted and loyal. We have a desire to help you add value and increase your bottom line. We provide the technology and HRIS knowledge to ensure your clients have an effective and streamlined experience.

Why partner with Workforce PayHub? Don't take our word for it.

Our office began working with Workforce PayHub, Inc. back in August of 2019. Before that, we had come from a competitor of theirs and had been working with payroll & HCM providers since January 2016. The initial transition away from our previous service provider to Workforce PayHub went better than expected. They were very timely in getting our clients up on the system with the data transferred over. Eric Jones and his team made the transfer as painless as possible for our office and our clients.

Since going live on Workforce PayHub's platform, we have been very pleased with their service. Their staff is very knowledgeable and have a friendly and caring attitude. When we call their office, we usually get through to the person we intended to call. If they happen to not be available, the phone system directs us to the next available customer service representative, and we are able to get our questions answered. Also, when we send them emails, they always reply on the same day.

If an issue comes up with a client that we can't resolve, we know we can count on Workforce PayHub for their support. It has been a great partnership in servicing our clients. We offer our clients the "White Glove" customer service experience, and the support of Workforce PayHub's team has helped to make that possible. We look forward to our continued working relationship.

- Steven M. White

Steven M. White, LLC

The Workforce PayHub team is outstanding! They are knowledgeable and are able to customize the system to meet advanced client needs. They are very service oriented and quick to respond! We are proud to recommend them to all of our clients, who love the service they receive, and you will too!

- Chris Belna

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