Accounting/CPA Firms

Have you considered outsourcing your payroll clients to a trusted 3rd party?  Wish you could go on an extended vacation but are concerned with timely tax deposits?  Maybe it’s time to give Workforce PayHub a call and see how we can work with you and your team to allow you to focus on more revenue focused areas of the business.  We give you 1 login so that you can view all of your clients.  You can either still process the payroll for the client or train them how to do it themselves!  Either way, the tax team at Workforce PayHub will make sure all payments are filed timely and the direct deposits are deposited on time.

Increased Revenue Stream

We have multiple options to help you increase profitably with clients. We can let you wholesale our product at deeply discounted rates and you can charge your clients whatever you want. The best news is that they are still your client! Another option would be we would acquire your clients and give you a revenue stream back. Have something else in mind? Give us a call and let’s make it work!

Human Resource Consultants

Are you a HR firm that wants to partner with a technology company to offer an HRIS or payroll solution? We have the ability to white-label our product so you are front and center with your clients.


Business Consultants

If you are working with business clients and you want to increase your stickiness with them, then you need to be ingrained in helping them manage their workforce. We can allow you to assist with financial projection on the payroll side to revamping employee engagement with our HRIS solutions.

Insurance Brokers

Is your enrollment technology stuck in the Middle Ages? Let us show you how you can increase client profitability by allowing for an open enrollment solution that employees will love. We can even communicate directly to carriers!

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