Why Our Platform & Why our Company?

A Note from the Vice President of Workforce PayHub:

Why Our Platform & Why our Company?

The most common question Human Capital Management SaaS providers are asked is: “Why your platform and why your company?” I’ve used canned responses like: “Customer service you can’t find anywhere else”, and “We are locally owned and operated”, but it wasn’t until I started evaluating the platform performance and customer service of the services in my personal life that I realized my response was missing the mark. Think about it, what do consumers want? Considering the most commonly used services in everyday life are now managed online or through a mobile platform, it’s clear that consumers want and expect an experience that gives them maximum control with flexible functionality. What really matters is the end user experience.  I personally expect platforms to be intuitive and mobile friendly without requiring me to read a manual to understand the basic functionality.

So…why our platform and why our company?

Through our platform, implementation experts and elite customer service specialists partner with your people. Our goal is to solve inefficiencies within operations and implement and train end users to ensure the organization is acutely aware of key metrics that foster employee engagement and retention.  As software providers and customer service support we are keenly aware of the impact a poorly executed implementation can have on a workforce. We are passionate about people, their time and their money. For this reason, we provide weekly updates on project plans and hold ourselves accountable in addition to the end user for the deliverables needed to move the project from implementation to go-live ready.

Workforce PayHub is a Human Capital Management platform passionate about serving the people within each organization. Our cloud-based solution is implemented as part of an overall strategy for improving your culture and employee experience. We offer a wide range of tools to meet the needs of your workforce that can be tailored to any industry. We offer capabilities that can help you effectively manage burnout and engagement to support and retain a high performing, profit yielding workforce:

  • Self-service functions that provide employees with better visibility and control
  • Effective ways to track and manage time, attendance and absences
  • Scheduling that delivers a more consistent employee experience
  • Analytics for improving visibility into the issues that drive burnout
  • Talent Management that allows for a recruitment experience that ensure applicants are truly qualified for a posted job requisition
  • Insight on Demand subscription human resource service that allows for immediate answers and solutions to your everyday workforce questions

We are your partner working to provide advanced technology solutions, customer service and consultations that provide the necessary visibility within your organization to empower your people to be proactive about their workforce.

If you would like to spend more time working on your business instead of working in your business, would like to capture and asses key metrics to engage and retain your workforce, be treated like a partner versus a customer, ensure proper time & attendance, payroll and human resource compliance within a single platform, please contact us and let’s discuss not only your current structure but your overall strategy and goals for your workforce.

Chilah Weller, Vice President
Workforce PayHub, Inc.

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