Do Most Employers Use an Applicant Tracking System?

We all know recruitment can be time-consuming and challenging. Online job postings can sometimes mean hundreds or even thousands of applicants, each of whom brings unique experience and skills. Sorting through all of the responses manually can be a next-to-impossible task. 

Do Most Employers Use an Applicant Tracking System

An applicant tracking system (ATS) is a powerful tool that can revolutionize the recruitment process for employers. By automating the process, it makes it incredibly easy to find applicants who possess the qualifications and skills necessary for the job.

The Prevalence of ATS Usage

If you are not using an ATS in your recruitment process, your method is likely more labor-intensive than your competitors. JobScan research found that 99% of Fortune 500 companies use ATSs in their hiring process. Around 89% of companies with 500 employees or more utilize an ATS in their hiring process, while approximately one in three small and medium-sized companies also make use of an ATS.

Benefits of Using an ATS

An ATS can do a lot to improve your hiring process. Because the system handles applicant information automatically, it significantly increases your hiring efficiency. There is no more sifting through applications by hand to find the right skills and experience. The ATS lets you filter results to single out the applicants that fit your needs.

An ATS can also reduce bias and increase the fairness and diversity of your hiring process. The ATS can implement a process that automatically makes hiring anonymous, ensuring that your candidates' experience and skills take center stage. If you are in a sector subject to regulations in your hiring practices, the ATS ensures you comply with the rules.

Examples of Success

The effectiveness of HR technology like applicant tracking systems is well documented. In a case study of ATS implementation by Cairngorms National Park Authority, researchers found that ATS saved the HR team time and led to a better candidate experience.

Social-care charity, Guide Care, managed hiring data with an Excel spreadsheet before switching to an ATS. Implementing the ATS provided Guide Care with access to significantly improved data, and they were able to effortlessly generate comprehensive reports that revealed the number of applicants for each role and where each applicant stood in the hiring process. Moreover, their ATS software automatically sent interview reminder emails to candidates, resulting in a decrease in no-shows and a reduction in the time spent manually sending emails.

Misconceptions and Challenges

New technology can be intimidating. Understanding the benefits of a system can help you overcome objections and ensure that everyone is comfortable with the ATS you choose.

Many hiring managers worry that using an ATS means handing hiring decisions over to a computer. However, AI is only one tool in the overall system. Hiring managers still dictate the qualifications applicants must have and make decisions based on the resumes that check all the boxes. This saves your department time and ensures you meet with the best candidates for the job.

Applicants sometimes worry that an ATS means their applications disappear into the abyss. However, good implementation means the opposite is true. Instead of being overwhelmed with applications that must be assessed manually, an ATS ensures that hiring managers see relevant resumes. Plus, an ATS can keep candidates automatically informed so they know when their application has been received and where they are in the hiring process.

How Workforce PayHub's Solutions Can Help

Employers across industries are increasingly recognizing the value of Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) in streamlining their recruitment process. By leveraging this technology, employers can efficiently evaluate a larger pool of candidates and find the perfect fit for every job opening.

If you want to simplify your hiring process and optimize your recruitment efforts, consider implementing an efficient ATS. Contact Workforce PayHub today to discover how our HCM services can revolutionize your recruitment process and help you find the best talent effortlessly.

Eric Jones
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