Tipped Employees Overtime Rules | Workforce Vlog #11

Michigan Empoyers: Are you calculating tipped employee's minimum wage correctly?   Check out the [...]

Workforce PayHub's Legislative Minute

FLSA Changes Overtime Requirements The Department of Labor changed the Fair Labor Standards Act [...]

How To Choose The Best HCM Solution | Workforce Vlog #10

What is the best HCM Software for your company? Do you know the questions or the internal/external [...]

MISHRM 2019 Pre-Conference Video | Workforce Vlog

Are you going to the 2019 Annual Michigan SHRM Conference in Grand Rapids? If not, maybe watching [...]

Open Enrollment Season is Here! | Workforce Vlog #9

Are you ready for Open Enrollment season?  Check out the video below to learn more and make sure to [...]

Bridging The HR & Payroll Gap | Workforce Vlog #8

How do you bridge the gab between HR & Payroll? Listen in on some common disconnects between the [...]

Empowering Employees | Workforce Vlog #6

Empower Employees with Payroll & HR Software We just got past April 15th and I hope that most of [...]

Time & Labor Solutions | Workforce PayHub Vlog #3

Learn more about our time and labor solutions We talk about our time and labor solutions, including [...]

New Michigan Paid Sick Leave Law | Vlog #2

Michigan Has a New Paid Sick Leave Law Watch the video below to learn more about the legislation [...]

Workforce PayHub & Platform Overview | Workforce Vlog #1

Learn More About Workforce Payhub Have you been wanting to learn more about the team behind [...]
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