Tips for Managing Employees Shared Across Multiple Locations

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Managing employees at one location has its fair share of challenges, not to mention what it’s like to manage employees across multiple locations. How do you keep tabs on employees? How can you ensure an employee is tracking time appropriately and staying on task while getting the job done? With Workforce PayHub, you are able to easily manage employees who are working from multiple locations. 

Workforce PayHub's Software Solution

Workforce PayHub’s software service is an easy-to-manage system for both managers and employees. Our system allows employees to be in the driver's seat of their time management while allowing managers to quickly approve or sign off on hours submitted. Communicating is so important while having employees working from multiple locations; you want everyone to be on the same page and still be able to work as one team. 

Ben Torres, State Farm agent, manages two locations. He has great things to say about Workforce PayHub and how the system makes his life easier on a daily basis. 

“It’s helpful because we utilize their time sheets where we punch in and out. The employees themselves can mostly self manage and then I get to just approve and sign off. I love the ability to be able to make changes on the fly if need be. Having their simple hour tracking and payroll services just makes it easier for me.”

Don’t waste time trying to stay on top of your employees’ schedules, turn to Workforce PayHub for your management needs. Now more than ever, our system can help you stay afloat.

Managing a Scattered Team

Ever since COVID-19, businesses have had to adjust to a new norm with employees working from home. Since the pandemic, some businesses are back to normal, some are still fully remote, and others are in a hybrid situation. All these different scenarios and workplaces present challenges such as communication, clocking hours, and overall workflow. It’s important to have a system in place to help your employees manage their time, while also keeping managers informed. Workforce PayHub has got you covered!

Eric Jones, Workforce PayHub President, manages employees who work remotely a few days a week and shares his thoughts,

“Even though I sell the software/service to clients - we also use it in-house. Our employees work from home two days per week and it makes tracking time a breeze as they can clock in/out on their computer or cell.  It's also helpful if I need to see who is working at any given time by using the clocked-in report.”

Let Us Help

Managing employees has never been easier. Let Workforce PayHub help you succeed at your management needs and focus on the main task at hand - allowing your business to be the best it can be.

Eric Jones
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