5 Ways HCM Software Contributes to Improved Employee Experience

Human Capital Management (HCM) software works best when it equally supports HR and employees through every facet of employee experience: recruitment, onboarding, daily work, career development, and eventually, retirement. Implementing HCM software also helps your staff develop a sense of confidence in their company’s ability (and investment) in helping employees remain engaged and educated about company projects and protocols.

5 Ways HCM Software Contributes to Improved Employee Experience

In this article, we’ll explore the 5 ways HCM software improves the employee experience, optimizes workflow, and helps your business attract and retain top talent. 

Recruiting and Onboarding

HCM software helps your HR staff (and your company) simplify and optimize your talent searches to ensure that you consistently locate the best, most qualified candidates for your business. As successful recruitment shifts to the onboarding phase, HCM software also ensures that new recruits/employees are given all necessary information and tools from the start: providing them with everything they need to succeed, feel integrated into company processes, and confident in their new employer’s ability to manage HR processes in a smooth and cohesive way. Meanwhile, on a compliance level, HCM software helps your company adhere to all necessary laws and regulations during the onboarding process and beyond.

Facilitating Employee Success and Alignment with Company Goals

Another benefit of HCM software is that it enables employers to provide ongoing and regular performance reviews to employees. This helps employees clearly understand their manager’s or employer’s perspective on what they’ve done well and where there are opportunities to improve performance. Importantly, it’s also an excellent way to minimize miscommunication or misalignment by setting clear and reviewable goals that are housed within an organized software system. With HCM software, employees and managers can exchange feedback with each other to ensure the timely fulfillment of project-specific, departmental, or company-wide goals. 

Providing Collaboration Tools and Team-Building Opportunities

Just as HCM software can improve dialogue and alignment between employers, managers, and employees, it also helps employees connect with each other across perceived barriers like in-office vs. remote work configurations. Regardless of where your employees are physically located on a given day, HCM software allows them to use chat systems that facilitate brainstorming, project-based communication, and feedback on completed or ongoing tasks. Maintaining open daily communication through HCM software also builds bonds and familiarity among teams and provides consistency even when external circumstances shift for one or more individual employees.

Eliminating Repetitive Tasks

HCM software automates many HR-related tasks that would otherwise detract from your core business operations. This can radically improve employee experience, allowing your team to focus on the projects and tasks that most matter to them (and the company). Whether it’s an employee applying for leave, seeking to complete a training module, or submitting information that updates their benefits eligibility, HCM software filters this information, forwards it to the correct manager(s) for approval, and eliminates the need for email volleys or the sharing of information that it now systemized and centralized by HCM software for easy use by all employees. 

Training and Advancement Opportunities

More and more job candidates and existing employees seek to work in companies that provide meaningful opportunities for career advancement and skills training. HCM software comes equipped with a Learning Management System (LMS) that empowers your company to host basic or advanced training programs that help your employees gain role-specific skills, work towards leadership training, or acquire new training that prepares or qualifies them for a different position within the company. The LMS within HCM software allows your business to design and conveniently deliver virtual classrooms, discussion boards, syllabi/learning plans, assessment tools, and resource libraries that support independent learning.

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Workforce PayHub offers a comprehensive HCM solution that integrates HR, timekeeping, payroll, scheduling, and other features to enhance employee experience, streamline HR processes, and improve company-wide communication and collaboration. To learn more about our approach, explore our HCM guide, which highlights the many features of our HCM software solution. 

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