The Timeline for Selecting New Benefits and How We Can Help

Benefits. Health Insurance. Open enrollment. Do these words cause some uneasiness or stress? When do you select new benefits? How long do you have to make changes? Selecting new benefits doesn’t have to be stressful.

At Workforce PayHub we are re-imagining the benefits enrollment experience to give everyone a more people-centric way to manage their benefits. We offer an immediate, seamless, process tailored to your unique needs. Have questions? Ask us! Need help? Workforce PayHub is there for you.

The Timeline for Selecting New Benefits and How Workforce PayHub Can Help

Know Your Timelines

It’s important for employers to give their employees enough time to make changes, ensuring communication can be sent out and shared in a timely fashion. Starting conversations early is very helpful and beneficial. This means starting before the Open Enrollment period, which for the majority of employers is October-December.

Decisions and changes to benefits can only be made during this one time of year unless an employee has a qualifying life event. It’s nice to give employees enough time to properly think about which direction they want to go in. How does the timeline work and what exactly does this look like?

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Workforce PayHub’s Denielle (Deni) Hill, who is a Human Resource Specialist, shares some insight on this timeline and her experience with the process.

“November and December are the busiest times for enrollments for most companies. These enrollments are gathering data for the December 1st and January 1st benefit years. The most important information to gather is the new rates, summary plan documents, and/or any new plan details as soon as possible. The sooner this information is available, the more time is available to prepare for the Open Enrollment season.”

Communication is Key

It’s all about preparation and communicating with employees. Sooner is way better than later. With Workforce PayHub, you are able to give your employees all the tools they need to be able to make preparations and changes. Deni goes on to say,

“Using the HRIS to do Open Enrollment makes it possible to lessen the time involved and stress that is felt while trying to organize the enrollment process for both the employee and the employer.”

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Let Workforce PayHub Help

That’s what we all want - a stress-free process. Let Workforce PayHub help you with a stress-free way of allowing your employees to select new benefits and to feel ready and confident. With Workforce PayHub the mundane tasks become user-friendly, positive experiences for everyone. Don’t let this time be stressful, let it be a process you know how to nail, and we will be right there every step of the way.

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