Managing Employee Attendance Made Easy with Workforce PayHub

Attendance can be a challenging process in the workforce. How do employees request days off? Do you have a calendar? Do they have to email a boss and then wait for approval? This process can get a little murky, and with so many things happening at work on a daily basis, you don’t want requesting days off to be a complicated process. With Workforce PayHub, managing employee attendance is simple and efficient.


Through Workforce PayHub, our system uses technology for managing attendance. Our Time & Labor Management solutions allow employees to be in the driver seat of their own management - clocking in and out, scheduling, and time off management. Employees are able to clock in at a computer or using their smartphone. Employees can also use one of our physical time clock to track their work time.


Employees can also manage their time off by requesting vacation or other types of time off right from their phones or on a computer. These requests can be routed and sent right to their manager for approval. Within Workforce PayHub, you can even limit time off requests on days that too many employees have already requested off. We have all the tools you need to make your life easier!


Within Workforce PayHub, we also have physical time clocks that sync nicely with our web-based solution and can stop the expensive cost of buddy-punching. Our biometric time clocks can be used to identify fingerprints or handprints. On top of all these other great features, Workforce PayHub offers, we even have credit card style proximity or barcode badges that can be leveraged as well. 


Take Workforce PayHub client, Monica Mercer, for example. Monica works for Donna Baker & Associate and is very pleased with the services Workforce PayHub offers and has seen great success.


“Working with Workforce PayHub has been great! It is a great way to manage employees as they can clock in and out and use it to ask for time off for vacation or any other reason! The software is user-friendly and Eric and his staff are wonderful! They are always there to help you work through any issues you might encounter!”


Let us help give you this same experience. Make things easier on both yourself and your employees. Turn to Workforce PayHub for your employee management needs and more. Don’t waste time with a clunky process, and start making daily tasks more efficient and successful.

Eric Jones
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