Does Time Tracking Really Improve Productivity?

Beyond the practical and financial benefits of time-tracking, consider that time tracking promises to improve your business in all of the following areas:

  • Increasing and Rewarding Accountability 
  • Ensuring Transparency and Candid Communication
  • Reaffirming Company Values and Ethics 
  • Optimizing Workflow for Employees and Projects
  • Improving Work-Life Balance  
  • Acknowledging and Replicating Success 

This article will discuss how time tracking can help improve your business operations, and how a values-driven approach to time tracking can inspire employees to be more productive.

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Assessing the Present: How Time Tracking Can Help Your Business

Determining how much time is spent on tasks and projects gives you an idea of how your company's departments and employees are doing in current and past projects. This allows you to prevent burnout and give credit where it's due.

This process provides opportunities to identify successful/efficient projects, adjust workload distribution, and applaud talented, efficient, and productive employees who are adding value to your organization. It can also be used to establish or reinforce the core values of your company.


Consider that by implementing time tracking policies or software, you grant all of your employees the reassurance that their work will be documented, acknowledged and compensated fairly. Time tracking essentially codifies accountability as a company value and rewards accuracy and honesty while dissuading the opposite qualities. The introduction of time tracking and time tracking software is best framed using these principles of accountability, integrity, and ethics

Explain the time tracking approach you've chosen to your employees, so they can see how it can benefit them. If you’re asking your employees to adopt increased accountability as a value, you owe them a no-nonsense explanation of why this approach benefits them and even grants opportunities for incentives, promotion, and professional growth.

Transparency & Leveraging Data

As a business, you’re also concerned about the financial bottom line. Time tracking increases transparency in terms of employee productivity, but it simultaneously allows you to analyze historical data from past projects to help you accurately provide estimates for time and cost in future projects.

This not only ensures that you reach your profit margin goals per project, but it allows you to provide accurate tracking data to a client if they have questions about hours and resources spent after the project is completed.

Time tracking software also allows your employees to pinpoint large fluctuations in their workflows and generally avoid burnout. Employers can evaluate employee data and offer some general suggestions to employees regarding how to allocate their time more evenly. Time tracking can actually be a tool employees use to improve work-life balance simply by having a clearer picture of how their time is spent while working.

Encourage your employees to work on deep, high-value tasks during their most productive hours. This will help them to be more focused and productive overall.

Encouraging Employee Growth & Embracing a Values-Driven Approach

Time tracking can be beneficial, but some employees may see it as intrusive and coming from a place of distrust from management. The goal should be to show how time tracking is values-driven and designed to reward and encourage employees, rather than to monitor or micromanage them.

How to Launch or Refine Your Time Tracking Process

At Workforce PayHub, we understand the challenges of enacting meaningful change within your business - especially when it requires all employees to adopt new habits. We offer the resources, software, and expertise you need to streamline your operations and make the transition as smooth as possible. 

Get free access today to our time & labor demo video and enjoy a real-time look at how our time tracking solutions can help you manage and inspire your workforce.

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