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Non-Profit Payroll Compliance: Key Legal Considerations for Non-Profit Organizations 

Nonprofits have a unique standing in the economy. Rather than generating profit for shareholders, they have a mission that qualifies them for the unique 501(c)3 status with the IRS.…

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Navigating Church Payroll: Best Practices for Clergy and Staff Compensation

Payroll functions differently for a church compared to a private business. There are varying withholding rules for pastors, employees, and contractors, with certain exemptions applicable to some positions but not to others. It is important to follow church payroll best practices to comply with state and federal regulations. Utilizing a payroll partner familiar with payroll for churches can help …

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Simplifying Church Payroll: Essential Tips for Accurate and Efficient Management

Payroll for churches can be challenging due to the regulatory burdens on charitable organizations. Incorrect filings can result in penalties for a church to pay the IRS. Simplifying church payroll processes is the best way to stay in compliance with regulations while efficiently managing and streamlining operations. Here are some tips for accurate and efficient management when it comes to church …

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