Workforce PayHub - Vlog #5

We just got past April 15th and I hope that most of you made out great with the new tax changes.  For those of you that didn’t or for your employees that are knocking on your to make changes to their W4’s, this video is for you.  Learn how we can allow you to have…

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Workforce PayHub - Vlog #4

The employee on-boarding process needs to be streamlined and not overwhelming for a new employee.  It should highlight company strengths and allow the employee to feel well received by the company.  This includes have their email setup, desk in order and computer ready to go.  Watch below as we show you how our on-boarding system…

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Workforce PayHub - March 2019 ‘Legislative Update’

Learn more about how the on-boarding process can be streamline by utilizing technology. Also, we discuss how a good on-boarding process can enhance initial buy-in and energy of a new employee. Transcript Chilah Weller: Hello, everyone, and welcome back to this month’s Insight Beyond Payroll. I’m Chilah Weller. Eric Jones: And I’m Eric Jones. Chilah…

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