How Do Tax Changes Happen When You Outsource Payroll?

Although some businesses still practice in-house payroll processing, it often comes at the expense of inaccurate calculations, delayed payments, tax-related penalties, and difficulties staying aligned with state and federal regulations. In-house payroll can also detract from employee time spent on more pressing and high-priority tasks that help a business grow.…

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Payroll Taxes? No Problem! We’ve Got you Covered

Who’s responsible for paying your payroll taxes when you outsource to a third party? Is it up to the employer? More stress added to an employer’s plate? Nope! Think again. When you outsource to Workforce PayHub, we take on the responsibility of making those payments to the IRS. We’ve got your back. …

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Partner With Workforce PayHub

Making of a Partnership Here at Workforce PayHub we value every partnership we have. The team strives to ensure our clients are always happy and receiving top notch care and attention. We are here to provide support to businesses in need of HR management and support. A partnership with Workforce PayHub means succeeding and achieving goals you have set for your business.…

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Make Tax Season Time Efficient for You and Your Employees

Making Taxes Less Taxing Tax season doesn’t have to be a headache. Let Workforce PayHub help you stay organized and on top of all the details you need to not only complete your taxes, but prepare for the upcoming year ahead. Workforce PayHub has you covered for all of your employee management needs.…

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Recruitment 101

Get Back to Building Your Dream Team…

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COVID-19 | Legislative Update

The COVID-19 quarantines are beginning to be lifted across the country, but there are still tax credits available to assist employees and employers stay safe.  Check out the video below to learn more and make sure to reach out to us at!…

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COVID-19 Update | Workforce Vlog #16

The COVID-19 Pandemic is sweeping across the globe and lives and businesses as we have known them will never be the same.  Check out the video below to learn more and make sure to reach out to us at!…

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Tax Season & Savings | Workforce Vlog #15

Is your business organized as a Limited Liability Company?  If so, you could be saving on your taxes.   Check out the video below to learn more and make sure to reach out to us at!…

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