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Employee Self Service for Payroll & HR

We just got past April 15th and most employers are faced with new tax changes.  For employers that didn’t offer their employees a chance to make changes to their W4’s, this video is for you. Learn how we can allow you to have a peaceful morning coffee by checking out the video to learn more about our payroll and HR self-service and make sure to reach out to us at info@workforcepayhub.com!

For a full transcript of the video, you can download it here.

When it comes to processing payroll or your basic HR operations, things run a lot more smoothly when you empower your employees to do some basic tasks themselves, such as taking control of their taxes through
payroll deductions.

Employee self-service options are a great way to boost productivity, control labor costs, better manage your time as a business owner, and can help improve your ROI. Luckily, our cloud-based payroll solution, as well as our cloud-based HR solution, are equipped with the tools you need to empower your employees with self-service opportunities. 

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