Employee Onboarding in Michigan | Workforce Vlog #5

How to Streamline the Employee Onboarding Process

The employee onboarding process should highlight company strengths and allow the employee to feel well received by the company.  This includes have their email setup, desk in order and computer ready to go.  Watch below as we show you how our on-boarding system can take the stress out of onboarding and make your new-hire feel special.


Chilah Weller: Hello everyone and welcome back to this month’s Insight Beyond Payroll. I’m Chilah Weller.
Eric Jones: I’m Eric Jones.
Chilah Weller: We’re two of the owners of Workforce PayHub. This month what we wanted to talk about is our paperless on-boarding. When you think about an HR department or an HR manager, probably one of the most arduous processes in on-boarding is the paper process I-9s, the W-4s, the handbook, and the list goes on. It can become really stressful and unorganized and create a bad first impression for the employee. One of those ways that we can fix that within our platform is to make it a paperless process. That way when they first log in for their first time on their first day, they are going to get an entire layout of what that on-boarding process looks like and what the expectations would be.
Eric Jones: Even on top of that, if the employee wanted to get a head start on filling out this paperwork so they didn’t feel rushed on their first day, because our system is cloud based, they could actually log in the day before, if they so choose. You don’t have to pay them, it’s voluntary, but they could actually get a lot of this paperwork done before they even show up, so they have more time to concentrate on meeting their new boss, their coworkers, talking with HR, and getting more of that company culture feel versus worrying about the little sign here, date here paperwork.
Chilah Weller: First impressions are everything and so making sure that you’re putting your best foot forward as the employer is going to allow for the employee to also put his or her best foot forward. Staying on top of technology is half the battle, so it’s important that your employees know that technology is of the highest priority for your organization and making sure that they have a streamlined on-boarding experience is going to be very important to them.
Eric Jones: Just like in your personal life when you’re getting ready to go on a first date with somebody, when you see them sitting at that table or you talk to them on the phone, that first impression is kind of going to set the mood for that entire relationship. The same thing holds true for an employee coming to a new employer. You want to make sure that that desk is set up, so you need a notification going to IT that says so and so is starting, get that email set up, get that telephone set up, so that they’re not having to worry about getting passwords and stuff created for them the day they show up. If you are showing that you care about that employee before they even start, they’re going to have more buy-in to you, to that company, and to what your vision is than if you kind of made it an afterthought yeah, so and so is starting today. It’s 12:00 in the afternoon. We probably should get them their desk ready.
Eric Jones: With our solution, we can actually send notifications and reminders out to IT to the administrative assistant so they can get the desk set up, what have you. We can get all of these notifications sent out very timely so that when that person starts, they are ready to roll and be productive on day one.
Chilah Weller: Thank you, Eric. Yes. A pre-hire as well as a new hire checklist is very important to a successful on-boarding experience. If you’d like to learn more about this, don’t hesitate to contact us at www.workforcepayhub.com and click on the request more info link as well. We would love to speak to you further about this.
Eric Jones: Or give us a call at 517-759-4026 or you can also shoot us an email at info@workforcepayhub.com.
Chilah Weller: Thanks for tuning in.
Eric Jones: Thank you.
Chilah Weller: It’s not possible for water to be wet.
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