MISHRM 2019 Pre-Conference Video | Workforce Vlog

Are you going to the 2019 Annual Michigan SHRM Conference in Grand Rapids?

If not, maybe watching our promo video below will encourage you to head to Grand Rapids to learn how to deal with workforce issues such as drug/alcohol usage, pregnancy discrimination or theft.  



Chilah Weller: Have you ever wondered what a day in the life of an HR professional looks like? Let's take a look.

Eric: Should I go to that MISHRM conference? Let's just get through another day at the zoo and then I'll decide on Monday, assuming we're still in business from all of these probable lawsuits.

Eric:  There's Mary Jane again. Here's another lawsuit to add to the list. I better go tell the boss.

Eric: Whoa. I wonder how much time off she's going to demand.

Eric: Wow. This is way more serious than I thought.

Chilah Weller: I have a feeling that Eric is about to do something rather naughty.

Lindsay Postal: I forgot I was supposed to be here about 10 minutes ago. My uncle died this morning, my alarm didn't go off, and I don't know what else to tell you, but I'm-

Eric: Nope.

Lindsay Postal: ... I'm here now.

Eric: Nope.

Lindsay Postal: I'm here now.

Eric: I am done.

Eric: They're going to see me at MISHRM in this? Stealers can't be choosers, I guess. Here we go.

Chilah Weller: If you're experiencing these violations in the workplace, sexual harassment, drug and alcohol usage, maternity discrimination, inappropriate subordinate relationships, employee tardiness, or even car theft, then you should attend the 2019 MISHRM annual conference taking place at the DeVos Place in Grand Rapids, Michigan from October 9th through the 11th. For more information, go to www.mishrmconference.org. We'll see you there.

Drake Lolley: The activities portrayed in this video are not representative of the individuals or businesses engaging in this production, and the video should not be construed as legal evidence of these activities taking place. This has been a production of Advantage Visuals and Workforce PayHub.

Eric Jones
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