Open Enrollment Season is Here! | Workforce Vlog #9

Are you ready for Open Enrollment season?

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Eric Jones: Hi everybody, and welcome to this month's inside beyond payroll. My name's Eric Jones and this is my business partner, Chilah Weller.

Chilah Weller: Hey, welcome back, everyone. Hey, Eric.

Eric Jones: Yeah?

Chilah Weller: It's my favorite time of the year.

Eric Jones: I love fall too.

Chilah Weller: No, not fall. It's open enrollment season.

Eric Jones: Open enrollment season?

Chilah Weller: Yeah, open enrollment season. Many companies begin open enrollment starting in the fall, working through the end of the year, and how frustrating it is to have a manual paper-based process. What can we do about this, Eric?

Eric Jones: You know, I really detest paper.

Chilah Weller: Me too.

Eric Jones: You know what? What if somebody used our human capital management system tied with our carrier connection solution?

Chilah Weller: I'd say that's quite wise. What you're able to do is provide an employee self-service experience, allowing the employee to go in on their own and elect their medical, dental, vision, and even employee benefits. And after that, that's going to automatically be sent to the HR manager for approval. Upon approval, automatically updates their payroll deductions.

Chilah Weller: And then once that happens, we are able to connect the dots by providing a carrier connection service, whether we are implementing an EDI feed or electronically signed digital forms. We can go even further in getting the broker involved, right, Eric?

Eric Jones: Absolutely. Oftentimes, our clients want to make sure that their broker is still involved and kind of has that final stamp. We can actually create an account right within our carrier connection solution so that brokers can actually be the ones that push that final button.

Chilah Weller: I've had many brokers come to us and say, "Couldn't you just provide a benefit census and have that automatically transfer it to me for open enrollment or any changes such as terminations or adding spouses or children?" Yes, we can. We can automatically send that within our system through the carrier connection feed.

Eric Jones: So, just following up, that is life change events throughout the year on top of the open enrollment season. If this is something that interests you or your broker, please don't hesitate to contact us at 517-759-4026 or you can email us at

Chilah Weller: Happy open enrollment season.

Eric Jones: Go fall. Just cut that out. Sorry.

Chilah Weller: Hold on. where was I at? Where was I at?


Eric Jones
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