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Step-By-Step Payroll Process: Small Business

More and more small businesses are opting to work with a qualified payroll provider to take advantage of mobile access, automated features, improved security, long-term cost savings, and heightened employee engagement. Managing payroll thoughtfully from the start also reduces the risk of non-compliance, legal penalties, and issues with employee turnover or dissatisfaction due to underpayment or …

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Michigan Small Business Restart Program from LEO

In our related article, we explore the many small business grant programs that have benefitted Michigan small businesses in recent years, including ongoing state grant programs that are still accepting applications. Here, we’ll highlight the recent success of the Small Business Restart Program instituted by the Michigan Department of Labor & Economic Opportunity, which provided $100 million …

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Accurate and Timely Payroll = Employee Trust

Building trust with employees is a very crucial part of running a business. You want your employees to feel valued, work hard, and feel rewarded. One of the best ways to build trust with your employees is to have accurate and timely payroll. It motivates your employees to show up every day and perform their best. As humans and employees, we rely on money and plan our lifestyles around when we …

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David and Goliath: Why Small Businesses Exceed Expectations

Small businesses in Michigan, the Great Lakes region, and across the United States all contend with competition from larger global or corporate businesses that rely on high-volume transactions and races to provide the lowest possible prices. This article will explore how small businesses frequently outperform larger businesses by emphasizing quality, exceeding customer expectations, and offering …

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