Why a Strong Payroll Provider Relationship is Essential for Long-term Success

An effective and reliable payroll is one of the essential components of most businesses. Employees rely on payroll to get paid, while managers rely on their payroll service to ensure that everyone, from part-time seasonal workers to seasoned employees, can get what they need for doing a job well done.

Why a Strong Payroll Provider Relationship is Essential for Long-term Success

Sometimes, maintaining a functional in-house payroll department can be a significant challenge. Many business owners know their products and how to manage their production and supply chain, but they don't know how to comply with labor laws, tax laws, and other regulations. Staying up-to-date on the various requirements just enough to hire and supervise a proper payroll team can be unrealistic for many managers and business owners.

This is why many businesses rely on an external payroll provider. For these businesses, maintaining a solid payroll-provider relationship is essential for long-term success. A good relationship between your business and your payroll provider can help ensure that your payroll team will be in the know, which means that your employees will continue to get paid.

Good Payroll Providers Are Important for Employee Satisfaction

People work to earn the money that allows them to enjoy high quality of life. For employees, good payroll services can help instill confidence in their employer, their careers, and their decision to work at that company.

The Best Payroll Providers Help Your Business Thrive

It's not just employees who benefit from solid payroll services but the businesses that work with those payroll services. Here's how your payroll provider helps your business thrive.

Allow Your Business to Do What It Does Best

With a good payroll provider supporting your business, your company is relieved of the pressure that comes from providing in-house payroll services. This saves time, trouble and even the liability that comes from providing your own in-house payroll service. Leave the work to someone else, so you can do what you do best.

Support Good Employee Retention

Employees are sensitive to how well the company they work for is functioning. When the workplace functions well, workers stay. When the workplace is dysfunctional, workers leave. A robust payroll department supports good employee retention by showing employees that there is functionality on the job site and within the company's administrative processes.

Reduce Errors in Payroll

Payroll companies specialize in offering efficient, affordable, error-free payroll services. When your company hires a payroll service to meet the needs of your workers, you'll enjoy confidence in your payroll every payday.

Keep Your Business In Compliance

Many laws affect payroll and how it is dispersed. Your business won't need to know all those laws and how to stay compliant when you're working with a payroll service because your provider will do that for you.

Integrate HR, Benefits Administration and Payroll

HR, benefits and payroll already relate closely to each other. When you work with a payroll service that provides all three, then you'll enjoy a perfectly blended experience that ensures that your employees get what they need from their payroll provider.

How to Ensure a Strong Payroll Provider Relationship

Even if you're working with a reputable payroll service provider, it's still important to take steps to maintain a strong relationship. There are many things you can do to facilitate that type of relationship.

Maintain Good Communication With Your Payroll Provider

Update your payroll provider periodically as things change at your business, or as you hear from your state's tax authority and other employment-related state agencies. Send along any letters you receive from the tax collecting agency, employment agency and others to keep your payroll provider updated on the latest business requirements.

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Know What to Look for In a Payroll Provider

  • Features and benefits. Look for a company that provides a range of features in addition to the basic payroll processing features. Time and labor management, HR functions and benefits administration should all be linked and fully available from your payroll provider.
  • Good reputation. Hire a payroll service that has a reputation for good customer care and fast response time.
  • Excellent customer support. Hire a payroll company that answers the phone and email inquiries promptly, responds to questions accurately and politely, and makes itself available when your company needs it.
  • Self-service options. Employees are happy with payroll when they have some control over their own payroll. Work with a company that makes employee self-service options available to workers.

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