COVID-19 Update From Workforce PayHub

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I will not add to the media coverage of the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) news but simply assure you that the Workforce PayHub team stands ready to support you during this trying time.  We are committed to providing the high-standard customer service that you have come to expect from us.  We are also watching the news for pending legislation that could effect payroll taxes.  We are standing by to receive clear guidance from state and national leaders.

Here are the steps that we are taken to ensure business continuity:

    • We have over 6 months of check stock, envelopes and all necessary supplies to process physical checks
    • All staff members over the past 6 months have been issued new laptops with appropriate security software installed
    • All of our software and services are cloud-based allowing us to work remotely if necessary (half of our staff works remotely on a regular basis)
      • Core Payroll/HCM/Tax software is cloud-based in a DoD equivalent data-center with a redundant data-center in the mid-west
      • Phone system is a cloud-based VOIP system by RingCentral
      • Document storage is through Citrix Sharefile
      • Email and team chat functionality is managed by Google
    • We have purchased additional hardware to have a separate offsite printing/packaging/mailing department (we still have our onsite station, this adds a second station offsite)
    • We have stopped allowing clients to pick-up or drop-off items at our office.  We transitioned to USPS or UPS for all check deliveries for the time being
    • We are still coming into the office utilizing CDC guidance to maintain our health.  We have decided to continue to work in the office for now but are ready to work remotely at a moments notice.

There are also a few different ways we can continue to assist you with managing your payroll and your employees:

    • With our cloud based offering, each of your employees can log in to their own account to view pay stubs, W2's, request time off, clock in/out and more, utilizing our mobile app or website (you may not use all of these services)
    • We can turn off geo-fencing restrictions or IP restrictions to allow employees to clock in/out remotely
    • You can also use our mobile app to assist with furlough notice requirements, unemployment notices and keeping employees engaged with our notice and alert features

We remain committed to assisting you during this time and for years to come.

If you have additional questions or concerns, please give your customer service representative a call or shoot them an email.


The Workforce PayHub Team

Eric Jones
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