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We just got past April 15th and I hope that most of you made out great with the new tax changes.  For those of you that didn’t or for your employees that are knocking on your to make changes to their W4’s, this video is for you. Learn how we can allow you to have a peaceful morning coffee.



Eric Jones: Hello everybody. Welcome to this month's Insight Beyond Payroll. I'm Eric Jones.
Chilah Weller: I’m Chilah Weller.
Eric Jones: Today’s April 16th. Tax season just ended yesterday.
Chilah Weller: Woo-hoo!
Eric Jones: And we wanted to talk about employee self-service and how you could empower your employees to take control of their taxes through payroll deductions as well as some of the other functionality that our [human capital management] system allows employees to take care of themselves.
Chilah Weller: So think about it as an HR manager. How annoying is it when you have a line outside your door dealing with probably real life issues, injuries on the job and things like that, and then you have somebody come in and say, “I wanna update my Federal or state withholding.” How amazing would that be for them to be able to do that via a self-service portal, whether it be on a PC or a mobile phone, submit that change, have that flow through to you via an email alert and allow for you to approve that and then, on top of it, have it automatically update within the payroll manager.
Eric Jones: And what’s nice about this too is the withholding functionality for employee self-service is available for payroll only clients or payroll and HR clients, so everybody can take advantage of those. We also have the ability on both modules to do I-9 enrollment as well.
Chilah Weller: In addition to the I-9 and W-4 settings, if you want to allow or empower your employees to make their own address changes and updates-
Eric Jones: That’s a good word.
Chilah Weller: -their own social security number, should you choose to wanna do that during their new hire documents, or even cell phone or email updates, we can open those fields up and make those available to the employee to make those changes and then again have those flow through to the appropriate approver for approval and then it’ll automatically update within the employee’s electronic filing cabinet.
Eric Jones: So if this is something on your 2019 to-do list, to increase employee responsibility for their own information and to allow you to have a cup of coffee in the morning, give us a call.
Chilah Weller: Thank you for your time and we look forward to next month’s Insight Beyond Payroll. If you would like to discuss this further, Eric’s gonna do the phone number and website as per usual.
Eric Jones: Website’s www.workforcepayhub.com
Eric Jones: Shoot us an email at info@workforcepayhub.com
Eric Jones: Or you can call us at 517-759-4026
Chilah Weller: Thank you and have a great day.
Eric Jones: God bless.
Eric Jones: So we wanted to talk a little bit about employee self-service and some of the ways that you can, um, uh…Quit. What’s the…
Chilah Weller: Want me to take it?
Eric Jones: No. No, just give me the word.
Chilah Weller: Some of the ways-
Eric Jones: Empower. Okay.
Chilah Weller: Start over.
Eric Jones: All the way.
Chilah Weller: Think we did it.
Eric Jones: I think that was good.
Chilah Weller: Think we need to redo anything? Let’s look at it, because if you stumbled or something.
Eric Jones: I did a couple times.
Chilah Weller: I know, I don’t want you to look down.
Eric Jones: You can stop now.

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