Affordable Care Act What?! | Workforce Vlog #13

Make sure you are updated on ACA filing requirements for the 2019 tax filing season and get a jump-start on your 2020 reporting.

Please note that the video states that 1095's are due to employees by March 31st.  This was a mistake; they are due to employees by March 3rd, 2020.

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Eric Jones:                          Hi, everyone and welcome to this month's Insight Beyond Payroll. My name is Eric Jones. This is my business partner, Chilah Weller.

Chilah Weller:                   Good morning.

Eric Jones:                          Today we're going to talk about the Affordable Care Act, Obamacare, 1095s, 1094, whatever you want to call it, and how Workforce PayHub can assist you with those filing requirements.

Chilah Weller:                   Within our platform we are able to monitor your employees throughout the year to alert you when an employee is coming due or eligible for benefits, so we're able to say this employee has an ACA status of part-time, and within the next month they would then flip to full-time. We're also able to pre-populate the codes for each month throughout the year, and then we're going to automatically populate all the forms, and we will upload them to the air system on your behalf.

Eric Jones:                          So speaking of the air system, that's actually considered electronic filing, and the IRS has just released a couple of weeks ago, the new filing dates. Electronic filing are due March 31st, so that means you have to give them to the IRS and to the employees by March 3rd, and on the paper side, if you were to do a paper file, which we do not do, it is February 28th. If you need help with Affordable Care Act reporting, Workforce PayHub is your go-to provider. If you'd like more information, please contact us at 517-759-4026, or you can email us at

Chilah Weller:                   I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas.

Eric Jones:                          Praise Jesus.

                                             Several is three plus.

Chilah Weller:                   All right, all right, all right.

Eric Jones:                          Couple means two. You know, like a couple of people? Like a couple? Like that would be two, a male and a female.

Chilah Weller:                   There are no words. Okay.

Eric Jones:                          Just start the whole thing over.

Chilah Weller:                   All right. Hi, everyone. Well, see, that's not fair. I have to start over, but you didn't.

Eric Jones:                          Yours wasn't that good though.

Chilah Weller:                   Okay.

Eric Jones:                          Mine was perfect.

Chilah Weller:                   Hi, everyone. Look at this-

Eric Jones
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