Can I Really Process Payroll from the Beach?

If you’re like most people, you’ve probably heard that technology has gotten so good that you can do your job from anywhere, including processing payroll. But has it gotten so good that you can process payroll while lounging on the beach?

The short answer is yes if you have a WiFi connection and don’t get sand and water on your laptop. Let’s look at how you can achieve remote payroll processing to improve your company’s productivity and your employees’ work/life balance.

Can I Really Process Payroll from the Beach

Advancements in Remote Technology

Recent and ongoing advancements in remote technology have made payroll management from anywhere possible. This is primarily due to the advancements in cloud-based software, expanded WiFi access, secure connections through VPNs or Virtual Private Networks, and video conferencing software.

Cloud-Based Payroll Software

The most significant technological advancement in payroll is cloud-based software. This software is usually browser-based but may also be app-based. This software can be accessed from any device running a web browser or the application. It means payroll staff can open the software and work from their desktop computers, laptops, tablets, or cell phones.

Advancements in WiFi

WiFi access has expanded exponentially, and most businesses and resorts have free WiFi access. Of course, if the location doesn’t have WiFi, tech-savvy HR employees can still access the system if they have a cell phone signal. This is because modern smartphones with 5G connectivity can act as portable Internet hotspots.

Advancements in VPNs

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. It allows users to connect securely from their portable device to the company’s network. It does this by routing your connection through one of the VPN servers.

When you browse online or use software, your IP address shows up at the virtual server’s IP address instead of the IP address associated with your device. This masks your IP address, encrypts the data, and prevents external access.

Advancements in Communication Software

Today’s remote employee has access to a plethora of communication software. Video conferencing can be via Zoom, Webex by Cisco, RingCentral, Google Meet, GoToMeeting, and Microsoft Teams. Payroll employees can also communicate via text messaging and instant messaging, and they can still make traditional phone calls via their smartphones. This allows payroll personnel to talk with other members of their team as well as other employees within the company who may have questions about their payroll or benefits.

Benefits of Remote Payroll Processing

Remote payroll processing provides your company and its employees with many benefits beyond simply being able to process payroll on the go.

When you choose cloud-based payroll software, all your employee data, payroll, and benefits information is in one spot. Suppose that payroll processing software has a self-service portal for your employees. In that case, they can log into their accounts and update their withholdings, addresses, and tax information as their circumstances change.

This helps your employees by letting them change their information as needed, reducing the time your HR and payroll staff spends updating and verifying employee data.

Remote Payroll Processing with Workforce Payhub

If you’re interested in improving payroll processing and empowering payroll and HR employees by allowing them to work anywhere, check out Workforce Payhub’s cloud-based payroll and HR services. To learn more and schedule a consultation, contact us today.

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