Tips for Managing Payroll Over the Summer

Payroll processing can be quite chaotic for most businesses. It's a time when everyone needs to be extra vigilant to ensure that employee hours are accurately calculated, hourly and salary payments are correct, and payroll is processed on schedule so employees receive their pay on time. As a result, the HR department usually needs to be fully available during payroll processing, making it challenging for employees to take personal or vacation days whenever they desire or require them.

However, by implementing a new, more effective payroll strategy and possibly outsourcing your payroll to a business like Workforce Payhub, you can increase your scheduling flexibility and approve more vacation days for your team, even during the busy summer months. Let’s take a look at how you could make your summer payroll processing more strategic and less stressful.

Tips for Managing Payroll Over the Summer

Plan Ahead for Employee Vacations:

The first step to creating seamless summer payroll processing is to listen to your employees. Take the time to find out when all your payroll processing employee(s) would like to take their summer vacations. Schedule a meeting to discuss or, alternatively, send an email requesting they list their preferred summer vacation days.

By doing this, you’ll be able to coordinate the time off requests with your payroll processing deadlines. Once you’ve coordinated everything and approved the time off requests, you can tell your employees which days or weeks off were approved so that they can finalize their vacation plans.

Automate Payroll Processes:

By embracing automated payroll software, you can significantly reduce the stress associated with summer payroll processing weeks and streamline the overall payroll processing time.

With automated payroll software, you no longer have to spend your entire day crunching numbers. The software can effortlessly calculate withholdings, Federal, state, and local taxes using the information provided by the employee during self-entry or entered by the HR manager at the time of hiring.

Furthermore, the payroll processing software can seamlessly integrate with time tracking software. Employees can conveniently enter their worked hours or clock in and out to record their shifts and durations accurately.

When combined with payroll automation, the software can effortlessly calculate hours worked and adjust for PTO, overtime, and holiday pay. It can also generate essential payroll reports, ensure accurate Federal, state, and local tax filings, and accommodate changes in benefits and withholdings.

Communicate Payroll Deadlines:

Remember to communicate payroll deadlines to your staff. They should submit all their work hours for the current pay period before the cut-off date.

Remind them to review their hours in the system for accuracy and provide guidance on how to request any necessary corrections. This could include obtaining managerial approval or contacting the payroll manager. This ensures they can be paid accurately and promptly.

Outsource Managed Payroll:

Opting for a managed payroll solution, such as Workforce Payhub, provides a definitive solution for your payroll needs. With managed payroll, you provide your employees with an independent point of contact, separate from your own staff, who will always be available to address their inquiries.

In other words, there will always be someone to answer the phone and handle any questions. This ensures uninterrupted payroll processing, even if the payroll person is on PTO or vacation.

The experienced team at Workforce Payhub will efficiently handle all payroll processing tasks, ensuring accuracy and timely execution. Therefore, you can focus on managing your staff and expanding your business while leaving the payroll responsibilities in capable hands.

Are you struggling with summer payroll management? Let us help you at Workforce Payhub. Our payroll processing and HR solutions can help you make your payroll processing more efficient while ensuring that each of your employees is paid on time and accurately. Contact us today to learn how managed payroll services can help you and to schedule a consultation.

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