Providing Consistency in a Time Full of Changes

Providing Consistency

Read how you can stay up to date and on-top of changing policies with your employees. With Workforce PayHub, you are given tools that allow employees to easily acknowledge and agree to policy changes in an efficient and timely manner. Don’t fall behind on the small details, let Workforce PayHub help you succeed. 

As we all know by now, COVID-19 has presented its fair share of challenges in the workplace over the last few years. Employers have had to make many changes and adapt to a new way of life. Human Resources has had to do their best to ensure the wellbeing of their workforce during the pandemic and help navigate the new normal.

New policies were, and still are, being put into place, with constant updates and changes. A lot of companies are updating their time off policies, attendance policies, how much sick time an employee gets, and overall policies to make their offerings better. 

With constant changes, it can be challenging to update the handbooks or policies due to the fact that with new policies, companies need acknowledgement by their employees via a signature to stay compliant. With a large percentage of the workforce still working remotely to this day, how can one expect to get all employees to sign and agree to policy updates? Send snail mail? Coordinate various days to get each member of the team to come into the office to sign documents? The answer is an online service to digitally manage changes and communication going out to employees – Workforce PayHub.

Workforce PayHub’s HRIS helps companies manage HR needs and allows employers to be more effective and efficient with ever changing policies. Through Workforce PayHub, you can upload documents containing new policies and have employees acknowledge and accept these changes. No need to coordinate in-person meeting times or mail out documents; employees can provide their acknowledgement with the touch of a button.

Deni Hill is a Human Resource specialist for Workforce PayHub and helps her clients with new policy updates regularly. She explains how seamless this process is for both employers and employees.

“When employers make changes they need to have employees sign off on it, to make it compliant. We can put the new policy into PayHub, create a checklist so employers can assign it to their employees.  Then the employees can go into their account, sign off on the new policy, and it all stays in the system and goes onto their electronic employee file.”

Deni goes on to explain that through PayHub you are able to assign notifications to help remind employees to sign off on new policies. Employers can even go into PayHub to see if employees have completed the task yet. 

Having these tools makes the process efficient and effective to help your company stay on track. Here at Workforce PayHub we want to make your life easier and help with the tedious tasks so you can get back to what matters most – running your business every day. Let Workforce PayHub be your HR management service and help make your business the best it can be. 

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