Onboard New Employees with Ease

Onboard New Employees with Ease

Learn how Workforce PayHub’s cloud-based solution can help smooth out your onboarding process. Help new hires stay organized and keep it all electronic with documents and training materials prior to their first day on the job. Workforce PayHub provides a solution to help you as an employer make sure you have the right and most efficient policies in place.

First impressions are super important in business relationships and can have long lasting effects. You want new employees to feel they are walking into a well oiled machine on their first day. The onboarding process is the beginning of a whole new experience and a new hire’s start to their journey of working for your company. Onboarding sets the tone for new employees and ensures newly hired talent will be productive workers. Making a good first impression is imperative in the long run as it has the potential to impact the retention rate. 

The onboarding process could last up to 12 months consisting of check-ins, surveys, and questionnaires. Having a system like Workforce PayHub makes this process smooth and seamless. This also helps your new hire feel valued and taken care of while getting settled into the new role. 

Take John Choponis, for example. John works for EPIC Enterprise Holdings and uses Workforce PayHub. John really enjoys the system for the process of onboarding new employees. He states,

“It’s a pretty seamless process, it flows very well from the management side and it also flows very well from the employee side. It’s very simplistic and easy for them to use. It just works, that’s the biggest thing. All of our new employees and new hire documentation is done through Workforce PayHub. Any agreements they would need to sign are loaded in there. It’s able to be done electronically and stored electronically, and it’s there forever.”

John also goes on to explain that his new hires are sent a link to Workforce PayHub days prior to their official start day so they can have time to fill out needed information before they step foot in the door. Within Workforce PayHub you’re able to create an environment to engage with new hires and get them up to speed. Send the employee handbook, a welcome letter and any other details you see fit. Workforce PayHub’s HR dashboard allows you to organize tasks to be managed electronically. Things such as a W-4 or I-9, and benefits and payroll forms can all be completed and submitted through the system, allowing for ease and efficiency.

Workforce PayHub is great for training new employees as well. Upload any documentation you see fit for new hires to know. Training videos, a glossary of acronyms, and more. Say goodbye to hiccups in the training process and never lose track of important timelines again. Workforce PayHub allows employees to easily stay up to date on training materials and feel organized with all new information being thrown their way.

Workforce PayHub is your one stop shop, central location for staying organized with employee management. Onboarding can be tedious, but it doesn't have to be. Our system gives you, as an employer, all the tools you need to represent your business in an efficient and organized manner while also making a new hire feel they are valued and ready to come on board. Stay on top and ahead of the game with Workforce PayHub.

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