Get up and Running in No Time with Workforce PayHub

Get up and Running in No Time

Here at Workforce PayHub, we are passionate about what we do. We execute our vision by delivering essential management solutions starting right when clients start working with us. Read how our onboarding process will get you up to speed quickly so you can start running your business more efficiently and with ease.

Taking a leap and beginning a new work relationship can be tricky. Did you make the right choice? Is it going to work out? With the right onboarding process in place, you won’t have to second guess if you made the right move. Workforce PayHub strives to have a positive onboarding experience to ensure clients know they are in good hands. During the onboarding process, a new client receives the whole rundown of Workforce PayHub’s process, addressing any and all questions and concerns, sharing resources, and putting the building blocks in place for exceptional customer relationships.

Where does the whole onboarding process begin with Workforce PayHub? To kick things off, it starts with the implementation process within one week of a new client signing the contract. You can count on us to get the ball moving right away. We provide any and all documentation for each module a client is using – the various modules being Payroll, HR, and/or TLM. After documentation is explained for each module, the go-live date is determined. We strive to hit this date within two weeks of a client signing the contract. We want to get up and running as soon as possible so our clients can be successful and start working more efficiently. 

After the contract is signed and the basic fundamentals are established, we then get to the fun part - training meetings for our system with Super Users, Managers, and employees. We have a number of valuable resources we use to help train the new staff we are working with. Our system has ease of access and with our KnowledgePass training database our clients can find all the resources they need to get up to speed. The online training module can be accessed 24/7 and we even have custom instruction sheets developed specifically for each of our clients. All you need to worry about is running your business and we’ve got the rest.

On top of training resources, we also make sure to have ongoing, continued support in the implementation group for at least three months post-live. After this period is up, a Customer Service Representative is assigned to the account. This person will be the go-to point of contact for our new client to work with. Our customer reps are here for you and dedicated to making this process the best it can be. You don’t have to worry about calling a call center and being put on hold for hours, your dedicated representative is someone who will know you by name and a person you can always depend on.

Workforce PayHub client, John Choponis, General Manager of IMM Inc. & EPIC Enterprises, LLC speaks very highly of the onboarding process,

“Their onboarding process is extremely smooth. Their staff is extremely knowledgeable about the system and anything we wanted that was not standard for the system they were willing to create.” 

John went on to say that he feels so confident in the system after the onboarding process that he rarely needs to call his customer representative for help stating,

“Once we got everything worked out, I call them so infrequently that I need to look up their number to call them.”

Here at Workforce PayHub, we pride ourselves in being the best for our clients. Through our onboarding process and continued support, we have all the tools to ensure success and efficiency for our clients. Let Workforce PayHub be your new workforce management solution for all of your business needs.

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