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Read how Workforce PayHub’s Time & Labor Management solutions allows employees to be in the driver seat of their own information - clocking in/out, scheduling, and time off management and how this, as a business owner, can help create a smooth and effective workforce.

As a business owner, we all know the headache payroll can present if not done efficiently. Using physical time stamp cards not only leads to potential error, but the process is extremely daunting and time consuming. Word on the street is it can take up to four hours to fully complete the payroll process by using paper time cards and hand written checks for a 25 employee company. We at Workforce PayHub are here to present a simpler solution - a solution where payroll is tracked, processed, and sent out all through our online system. Stop wasting time and start getting back to what really matters - effectively running your business.

Ben Torres is a multi-office agent-owner at State Farm and personally sees the benefits of using Workforce PayHub for his management needs. Ben currently manages two State Farm offices, and has recently been given a temporary third office to take on. As we all know, you cannot be in two, or three, places at once, so being in charge of employees at multiple locations can be quite challenging. Ben expressed the benefits Workforce PayHub has provided him, stating that if he didn’t have the system, he couldn’t do what he does because he is not physically able to be in multiple places at once. 

Workforce PayHub saves a lot of headache and worry about the intricate details, so Ben can focus more of his day effectively running his business.

“I really like the system because employees can request time off and you can set it up in a variety of different ways. It can automatically approve, or you can approve it first. It allows me to get back to what’s important, which is running my business. Employees can see their pay stub, they can see their time off; it's just a much more efficient system than “a,” any other system I’ve used before and “b,” trying to do it manually these days, as a business owner, we have way too much to do as it is, so having this taken off my plate is amazing.”

Ben really enjoys having employees being able to easily request time off and access their paychecks through their mobile device, tablet, or computer. It provides efficiency and a sense of independence for his employees. “Employees like it. They can request time off, and keep track of their hours. It takes a lot of work out of it for them. And then don’t have to run to me for everything. It’s pretty awesome for them.” 

Let Workforce PayHub help you with the small, time-consuming details; we are here to provide a time efficient, organized service to make your life easier. We take the stress out of human capital management so you can focus on what matters most to you. Work smarter, not harder with Workforce PayHub.

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