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Email Security: A Guide to Keeping Your Inbox Safe in 2023

Although more business and personal communication is being conducted through apps and collaborative software, email remains one of the most frequently used forms of communication for businesses and their employees. As a result, cybercriminals wishing to access and exploit sensitive company data often begin by targeting a company’s email accounts, seeking login credentials, payroll information, …

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What Are the Most Common Online Security Breaches?

Whether it’s malware, phishing, theft of login credentials, or other more specialized cyberattacks, more businesses are experiencing online security breaches that leave their organization and employees at risk. Security breaches resulting from cyberattacks can negatively impact day-to-day operations, but also expose sensitive financial and employee data. To help your business mitigate the risk of …

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No Phishing, Please

Scams are out there all around us. With today’s technology, we have to be so careful on what links we click, who we talk to, and where we send our information. Email phishing is very prominent and happens quite frequently. Read what exactly phishing is and how you can prevent it to protect yourself and your personal information. …

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How to Identify and Prevent Phishing Attacks Targeting Payroll Information

Although cybercriminals employ a range of phishing methods to attempt to gain access to a business’ sensitive data, one growing trend is payroll diversion fraud, which uses business email compromise (BEC) to redirect employee direct deposits to an account owned by the cybercriminal.…

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Tips for Keeping Your Login Secure

Whether it’s to detect a phishing scam or another form of cyberattack, best practices in cybersecurity are constantly evolving to keep pace with new tactics cybercriminals use to gain access to sensitive data, including login credentials.…

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If I Outsource My Payroll Processing, What Happens with the Money Movement?

Many small and mid-sized business owners wonder what happens with their business’ money movement if they choose to outsource payroll to a qualified provider.…

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Payroll Security Best Practices in 2023

Whether you manage payroll in-house or with the help of a qualified provider, a host of confidential and sensitive information is involved in the process. From employee data like social security numbers and addresses to individual or business bank information, without responsible payroll policies and security measures in place, this information could be exploited by a cybercriminal or even a new, …

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Payroll Security and How to Protect Payroll Data

Payroll data breaches impact small and mid-sized businesses just as much as larger companies, often leading to reputational damage, as well as significant legal and financial consequences. Whether it’s protecting your business from external threats in the form of cyberattacks or preventing internal fraud caused by an existing employee, there are a number of measures you can take to protect your …

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