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UI Refresh..Say What?

Workforce PayHub is excited to announce the new user interface refresh coming November 19, 2015 to our Workforce Ready platform. The first stage combines a flatter look with a more intuitive workflow. The bottom floating bar placement will now be predominantly at the top of the page versus at the bottom. One of our favorite updates is the new iconography that better describes the function of each icon. Those that use the start widget will also have access to that functionality regardless of which page you are on within the system. Not using the start widget? Contact us to learn more!

The best part is that this is only stage 1. In mid-2016 another system release will take place that adds additional functionality and continues the process of streamlining within the platform.

We believe the refresh is evolutionary and not revolutionary. This means that there will be smaller, spaced releases that allows our user base to slowly adapt to the new interface without feeling overwhelmed. If you do feel overwhelmed, do not hesitate to contact us via your HR representative to allow us to assist you in any way possible. Remember, we are here to help you manage and grow your workforce.

Click here to learn more about the new UI Refresh!

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