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6 Tips for Dealing with Vacation Requests During the Summer

As summer approaches, many businesses face an increase in vacation requests. The allure of warm weather, school breaks, and opportunities for leisure can lead to a surge in time off demands. However, this can pose a challenge for businesses whose busy season aligns with the summer months.…

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Features to Look for When Considering a Time and Attendance Software

Our recent article on the value of time tracking offers advice on how to implement a time-tracking strategy that capitalizes on the practical and financial benefits of time and attendance software. Knowing that time tracking as a process reduces productivity leaks by up to 80% across a range of industries, you might ask which features to seek out in a software, and which tools address your …

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Does Time Tracking Really Improve Productivity?

Beyond the practical and financial benefits of time-tracking, consider that time tracking promises to improve your business in all of the following areas:…

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Managing Employee Attendance Made Easy with Workforce PayHub

Attendance can be a challenging process in the workforce. How do employees request days off? Do you have a calendar? Do they have to email a boss and then wait for approval? This process can get a little murky, and with so many things happening at work on a daily basis, you don’t want requesting days off to be a complicated process. With Workforce PayHub, managing employee attendance is simple …

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Save Time and Labor on your Time and Labor Management

Smooth Time & Labor Management Read how Workforce PayHub’s Time & Labor Management solutions allows employees to be in the driver seat of their own information - clocking in/out, scheduling, and time off management and how this, as a business owner, can help create a smooth and effective workforce.…

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Timeclocks, Time & Labor Solutions & The Importance of Record Keeping

Learn more about our time and labor solutions We talk about our time and labor management solutions, including our flagship timeclock; the Kronos InTouch. We also talk about the importance of record-keeping and how to stay compliant with the new Michigan Paid Sick Leave Law.…

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New Michigan Paid Sick Leave Law

Michigan Has a New Paid Sick Leave Law Watch the video below to learn more about the legislation and see how technology can help to keep you with Michigan sick leave compliance! Transcript Chilah Weller: Hello everyone and welcome back to our monthly Insight Beyond Payroll. I’m Chilah Weller and this is my business partner, Eric Jones.…

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