Stress-Free Implementation | Workforce PayHub Vlog #7

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Eric Jones: Hi, everybody and welcome to this month's Insight Beyond Payroll. My Name's Eric Jones and this is my partner, Chilah Weller. We are two of the partners of Workforce PayHub. This month, we're going to talk about the client on-boarding experience. Have you ever had a software implementation go haywire? If so ...

Chilah Weller: You should join our team. So one of the ways that we are able to streamline the on-boarding process for our clients is we take a tiered approach. So typically if you're going full suite with us, time and labor, payroll, and HR, we always start with time and labor first. We have a very detailed questionnaire that you will complete that will be comprised of such things as your accrual policies, your rounding rules, as well as your overtime policies. And then we're also going to segue in to payroll, and to prepare for that we're going to do such things as take your earnings, your deductions from your current system as well as your historical payrolls, and we're going to extract that data for you and we're going to upload it for you so we can ensure that your employees have one W2 at year-end. Then, to go along with the HR piece, while we're building out time and labor and payroll, we are also implementing your benefit plans and training you, as the client, how to add those to employees as well.

Eric Jones: All in all, we want to be your human capital management partner. To do that, we take a training approach that puts you in the driver's seat. We're going to allow you to choose how you get trained. We can come onsite, train your employees, your managers, even the administrators, or we can do remote training(s), whatever works for you.

Chilah Weller: The goal is to provide you with a stress-free implementation, so that moving forward, we are your partner in all things human capital management.

Eric Jones:                          If this is something that you're interested in, please don't hesitate to give us a call at (517) 759-4026 or email us at

Chilah Weller:                   Thank you.

Eric Jones:                          Thanks. You think you can splice all that?

Chilah Weller:                   Oh, gosh.

Speaker 3:                          Well, I can.

Chilah Weller:                   Eric, it was choppy as ... and it's going to ... You can tell when you're splicing that ...

Eric Jones:                          I know. Sometimes splicing is actually cool

Chilah Weller:                   No, it's not. We got it now. I've got the process.

Eric Jones:                          I can't remember the first half of what I said.

Chilah Weller:                   You said that-

Eric Jones:                          Well, you did most of the talking. Let's do it. Okay, let's do it.

Chilah Weller:                   One more time and then...

Eric Jones:                          We're not doing this anymore.

Chilah Weller:                   Okay.

Eric Jones:                          We're not amateurs anymore.

Eric Jones
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