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Michigan Labor Law | Legislative Update March 2019 | Workforce Vlog #4

Learn more about Michigan's Labor Law changes, which took effect in March 2019, and how to manage compliance. Eric and Chilah discuss Michigan's Sick Leave Law and Minimum Wage increases. Transcript Chilah Weller: Hello, everyone, and welcome back to this month’s Insight Beyond Payroll. I’m Chilah Weller. Eric Jones: And I’m Eric Jones. Chilah…

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Michigan Paid Medical Leave Act | MI Labor Law Updates 2019

The Michigan Paid Medical Leave Act (PMLA) passed by the state legislature in December of 2018 went into effect on March 29, 2019.  This act provides mandatory leave time for covered reasons to eligible employees in Michigan employed by an employer with 50 employees or more.  Below are some HR items to consider when amending your current time off policies or adopting new policies that may cover …

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Workforce PayHub Vlog #3

Learn more about our time and labor solutions (TLM) as well as our flagship timeclock; the Kronos InTouch.  We also talk about the importance of record-keeping and how we can help you stay compliant with the new Michigan Paid Sick Leave Law.  Make sure to stay tuned after the video for some funny outtakes! Transcript…

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Workforce PayHub Vlog #2

Have you heard that Michigan has a new Paid Sick Leave law?  If not, then you will want to see the basics below.  Also, see how technology can help to keep you in compliance! Transcript Chilah Weller: Hello everyone and welcome back to our monthly Insight Beyond Payroll. I’m Chilah Weller and this is my…

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Workforce PayHub Vlog #1

Have you been wanting to learn more about the team behind Workforce PayHub?  If so, please take a watch below! Transcript Chilah Weller: Hello, my name is Chilah Weller, and this is my business partner Eric Jones. Eric Jones: Hey everyone. Chilah Weller: We’re two of the owners of Workforce PayHub, a leading human capital…

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Why Our Platform & Why our Company?

A Note from the Vice President of Workforce PayHub: Why Our Platform & Why our Company? The most common question Human Capital Management SaaS providers are asked is: “Why your platform and why your company?” I’ve used canned responses like: “Customer service you can’t find anywhere else”, and “We are locally owned and operated”, but…

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TeamSupport is The 'Hub'

The ‘Hub’ Workforce PayHub is excited to launch our state of the art case management and customer query portal, "Team Support". Over the last few years we have grown our customer base and service offerings and because of the increased volume we wanted to ensure we were providing the best customer service possible. The ‘Hub’ will…

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User Interface Refresh

UI Refresh..Say What? Workforce PayHub is excited to announce the new user interface refresh coming November 19, 2015 to our Workforce Ready platform. The first stage combines a flatter look with a more intuitive workflow. The bottom floating bar placement will now be predominantly at the top of the page versus at the bottom. One of our favorite updates…

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