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Can I Pay My Employees Other Types of Earning Through Payroll?

Are there earning types you can use other than regular over time to pay your employees? Yes! There [...]

Processing Payroll From The Beach?

Want to make payroll processing easier, no matter where you are?

Who's In Charge?

Who's responsible for paying my payroll taxes when I outsource to a third-party? When you outsource [...]

Automating Your Payroll Processing?

Why would you want an automated time & attendance solution? An automated time & attendance solution [...]

How Much Can I Save By Outsourcing My Payroll?

How much does it cost to process payroll?  That depends on two things: the number of payrolls that [...]

When Do I Need To Submit My Payroll?

When does my payroll need to be submitted ? So, you've just outsourced payroll, and you're just [...]

Are Payroll Solutions Secure In The Cloud?

Can there be different levels of security profiles?  Yes! There can be different levels of security [...]

Is Outsourcing My Payroll Really The Best Option?

Why would I want to outsource my payroll? That's a great question. When most of our clients come to [...]

How Often Should You Pay Your Employees?

I'm a brand new business - how often should I be paying my employees? That depends on the following [...]

When Can Employees Access Their W2's, 1099's & 1095's?

The year is coming to an end - when can we expect to receive our forms? So, the forms we are [...]
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