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Workforce PayHub & Platform Overview | Workforce Vlog #1

Learn More About Workforce Payhub Have you been wanting to learn more about the team behind Workforce PayHub?  If so, please take a watch below and contact us if you have any questions.   Transcript Chilah Weller: Hello, my name is Chilah Weller, and this is my business partner Eric Jones. Eric Jones: Hey everyone. Chilah Weller: We’re two of the owners of Workforce PayHub, a leading human capital…

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Why Our Platform & Why our Company?

A Note from the Vice President of Workforce PayHub: Why Our Platform & Why our Company? The most common question Human Capital Management SaaS providers are asked is: “Why your platform and why your company?” I’ve used canned responses like: “Customer service you can’t find anywhere else”, and “We are locally owned and operated”, but…

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